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Public passenger transport service by scheduled routes in Bihor County
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Salacea ⇒ Valea lui Mihai ( DUS - INTORS )

Route details

Route operated by :
SC Nagy Trans SRL
Route code :
Group :
Entire distance :
22 km
Price for entire route :
Operating days :
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Fares :

Route summary Tour

# Bus stop The time
A Salacea 7:20
B Otomani 7:28
C Tarcea 7:42
D VALEA L. MIHAI Gr.Sc.Agricol 7:47
E VALEA L. MIHAI str.Bethlen G. 7:49
F VALEA L. MIHAI Gr.Sc.Agricol 7:50

Route summary Retour

# Bus stop The time
A VALEA L. MIHAI Gr.Sc.Agricol 8:00
B VALEA L. MIHAI str.Bethlen G. 8:01
C VALEA L. MIHAI Gr.Sc.Agricol 8:02
D Tarcea 8:08
E Otomani 8:22
F Salacea 8:30

Other departures for the route Salacea ⇒ Valea lui Mihai :

Departures from Salacea Departures from Valea lui Mihai Details
14:20 15:00 See details